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Kea Getting In To Rubbish Bins

Kea Proofed Item: 240L Wheelie Bins

Method of Kea proofing
Fitting a 2kg piece of steel plate to the inner side of the bin lids (bolted on towards the front edge) to prevent kea lifting them and the wind blowing them open.

Bin liners not used in the bins as kea would rip them, instead requires rinsing out wheelie bin every few months.

Boats Moored In Kea Country e.g. Lake Te Anau

Kea Proofed Item: 240L Wheelie Bins

Method of Kea proofing
Putting bells on the top of the mast or on anything they can hang off. Loud, 'deep' bells, rather than tinkly sweet ones!

Comments about fitting
Attach bells so they can make a noise with movement.

Other comments
Some kea really don't like the noise of the bells and won't hang around. Some kea do, but will play with them rather than damaging other parts of the boat

Damage To Gear At Forestry Sites

Kea Proofed Item: Diesel Tanker

Method of Kea proofing
A simple method to try and stop kea damaging the hose and any wiring on mobile diesel tankers (on farms and at forestry sites), is to cover with a cheap blue tarpaulin. Where product can be obtained The warehouse, mitre 10 etc...

Comments about fitting
Completely cover tanker, and fix to the ground-trying to prevent gaps (especially over night).

Other comments
These tarps can be used to cover any items that may be targets. It is a good idea to have a few on hand at forestry sites to cover anything in the case of kea visits.

Keas Chewing Aluminium Window Seals

Kea Proofed Item: External Rubber Window Seals On House

Method of Kea proofing
Give them a tennis ball to play with instead!

Other comments
They like to play - give them something to do

Damage To Logging Vehicles

Kea Proofed Item: External Wiring On Logging Vehicles

Method of Kea proofing:
Hosing, or hydraulic hosing placed over external wiring on loaders and haulers etc...can provide a barrier to kea. Try to cover the entire length of visible wiring.

Where product can be obtained:
ENZED or any place selling hose

Comments about fitting:
If using common garden hosing, cut hose lengthwise and open slightly- put wiring inside and close. Can be reinforced with gaffer tape. Hydraulic hosing can be wrapped around wiring.

Other comments:
This has worked well at forestry sites and dramatically slowed kea down. If kea are known to be in the area-can be worth doing this as a preventative measure.

Damage To Helicopter

Kea Proofed Item: Helicopter - Particularly Wiring And Rotors

Method of Kea proofing
Set up a hose and sprinkler system on top of the helicopter to prevent kea sitting on there and damaging wiring and rotors.

Where product can be obtained
At any garden/Mitre 10 centre (hose and sprinkler system).

Other comments
Used by Heliworks (Milford).

Kea Chewing Flashing On Roof Etc

Kea Proofed Item: Flashing

Method of Kea proofing
Some people have found painting flashing the same colour as the surrounding roof, window frame etc. means it doesn't stand out and isn't as attractive to kea

Where product can be obtained
Paint shop

Kea Damaging Kayak Seats

Kea Proofed Item: Kayak Storage Area

Method of Kea proofing
Tarpaulin cover attached over the top of kayak rack frame and rolled down when kea are around to prevent access to kayaks.

Where product can be obtained
Tarpaulins obtained from the warehouse. Additional Velcro strips/ties from hardware or sewing shop.

Comments about fitting
Ensure that ends can be closed (via ties or Velcro strips) and bottom pegged to ground or base of frame to prevent kea accessing underneath.Ties attached either by tough glue (epoxy or super glue) or sewed onto tarp.

Damage To Glasses And Plates On Tables

Kea Proofed Item: Outside Tables on deck at Hubers Resturant, Mt Hutt Ski Area

Method of Kea proofing
We used a $18 kids pump up water pistol and basically shot the keas as soon as they landed in the area. It didn't take them long, 3 days max of steady fire to have them keep away, and the guest and esp. kids thought it was great being asked to shot the kea. With this and the staff we achieved a consistent deterrent action which the kea associated with the area not the people.

We have had to re-educate the kea each year but then Im not sure if it was the same kea each season. generally the 3 days of firing was enough to deter the kea all season.

Where product can be obtained
Any toy store

Other comments
It was fun.

Roosting On Playground

Kea Proofed Item: Playground

Method of Kea proofing
If there is sufficient water supply, run a sprinkler overnight to prevent birds from roosting

Deterring Access Of Kea To Property

Kea Proofed Item: Rubber Window Seals, Outdoor Areas, Equipment, Vehicles

Method of Kea proofing
Keep kea away from accessing windows or outdoor areas using an electric fence unit (portable) which is designed (and therefore is safe) for poultry.

Where product can be obtained
Rural Trading Post Hutt Valley - dianne@ruraltradingpost.co.nz

Comments about fitting
Set up the unit around areas when kea are around. The electric fencing can be cut to length to make more manageable. The portable unit is run on C batteries.

Other comments
Cost of this unit was approx. $654 + GST + freight

Chewed Wiring on Solar Panels

Kea Proofed Item: Solar Panels

Method of Kea proofing
Where possible all wires placed directly behind and into hut so not exposed to kea.

Fit metal flexible ducting over exposed wires. Cover over plugs.

Kea Plucking At Outdoor Spa Cover

Kea Proofed Item: Spa Pool Cover (Polystyrene With Canvas Covering)

Method of Kea proofing
Fine steel mesh (like a blanket) draped over the cover. The ends weighted with wooden dowel. The kea don't seem to enjoy the steel mesh.

Where product can be obtained
Hardware store.

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