Inspiring communities to protect kea, the world's only mountain parrot

Kea have evolved to  survive in an extremely harsh and variable mountain environment. Although they are scarce across their 3.5 million ha range, they are often concentrated in areas of human habitation. As a result they now face even more challenges and threats to their future.

As an intelligent parrot, kea are an easy species to hold badly and a difficult species to hold well.  Currently, 65 kea are held by 20 permitted holders in NZ for the purpose of advocacy and research. Increasing standards to ensure optimum welfare of all captive kea, is therefore a priority.

Kea are unusual in that they actively seek out and interact with people and their property. This ‘neophilia’ – love of new things, has brought people into conflict with kea to an extent which is unprecedented with another endemic avian species.