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The Kea, by Cory Mosen, book cover

The Kea By Corey Mosen

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Kea are magnificent creatures, often known for their mischievous antics and bold personality. But their endangered status, bright plumage, and their unique intelligence, is something most people are unaware of.

This book illustrates the beauty of kea and their natural environment, as well as providing some basic insights into their world. The photographs it contains have been collected over the years by Corey Mosen, who, with the help of the Kea Conservation Trust have gathered information to insert in the pages that complements the photos. Corey has been working with kea through the Kea Conservation Trust and the Department of Conservation for many years now and this book shows some of the stunning locations where he gets to spend time working.

Proceeds from any sales will be redirected back towards the KCT to help continue the various conservation projects that they manage.
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