Inspiring communities to protect kea, New Zealand's unique mountain parrot

Kea And Kids

Kea conservation is not just for adults - kids are helping kea too

The fact is that kea are alot like kids - they are curious, like to play, have families, and sometimes even get into a little bit of trouble (without meaning to!); and often, they are misunderstood. So who better to spread the message about what kea are about, than kids?!

If you would like to find out some fun facts about kea, or get involved in some exciting activities to help our feathered friends, this is the page for you. You can also watch kea videos from our LEARNZ virtual field trip here and find out what other kids have been doing to help kea.

And if you want to make a statement, get your parents to get you a Kea Conservation T-shirt and show others how you feel about kea or download this free kea mask to colour in and wear from the Department of Conservation website!

Kids Helping Kea

Kids are helping kea in all sorts of ways - making sure injured kea get medical help, sending us kea sightings, reporting problems with kea or telling others all about our wonderful mountain parrot. Here are a few examples.
Kids kea conservation dvd
Harry of Mt Cook School interviewing sheep farmer Ross Ivey
school pupils observing kea at Athurs Pass
Arrowtown Scouts counting kea at Rob Roy Glacier in July 2008
Two cousins rescue 'Jake' the one legged kea who was caught in a trap near Nelson early 2012
Kids from Tairua School busking to raise awareness and funds for kea conservation!
Alex (aged 8), found an injured kea on his property in Whataroa in 2017 and phoned Department of Conservation. The kea was flown to Wildbase Hospital at Massey University for surgery - unfortunately the kea died of gunshot injuries.
What an amazing effort - a big thank you to Poppy, Lucy, Ana and Sylvie for organising a garage sale and raising $1,100 for kea! #positivechange
Aoraki School students and the KCT film team interviewing Department of Conservation about kea at Mt Cook in March 2012.


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