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Manuals And Papers

The Kea Conservation Trust web-site aims to provide an easily accessible centralised resource for information and research on kea and the issues impacting on this species and its habitat. If you have additional relevant research or literature which is not yet loaded on this page, please contact us so that we may make it available to all interested parties.


A number of scientific publications and document pdfs are provided below. For a full bibliography with links please visit our Bibliography page. Many thanks to all of those organisations who have allowed access to these for the purpose of greater awareness of kea conservation.

Kea (Nestor notabilis) Husbandry Manual

This husbandry manual sets new standards and expectations for the captive husbandry of kea in New Zealand. The minimum standards throughout this document are designed to provide the minimum welfare guidelines for captive kea. It is hoped that all kea holders will strive for the best practice standards outlined here and even better, exceed them.
Download Husbandry manual

Kea Guidelines For Plantation Forestry

Kea who visit forestry operations are usually young birds that ‘mob up’ at different times of the year and move from place to place. Protocols should be followed to avoid negative effects on kea and forestry equipment. If young birds are not actively fed, they will eventually get bored or hungry and move on.
DOWNLOAD Kea guidelines

Safe Pest Control in Kea Habitat

This document is intended as a best practice guide for ground-based pest control activities conducted in kea habitat.
Download Our Safe Practice Guide

All About Kea

All About Kea – a framework to focus kea conservation initiatives (2015) and associated documents (Focal areas 1-3 and our Standard Operating Producers (Safe Pest Control and Kea First Aid)), can be accessed here.
View our framework


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