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This page showcases some excellent videos on kea intelligence, nest predation by introduced predators, kea flying around Avalanche Peak and the work we do at the Kea Conservation Trust. All of these videos can also be found on each of the pages they are associated with. We hope that you enjoy them.

Our new Kea Virtual Field Trip videos developed by LEARNZ (Core Education) have been loaded and are available to watch below. Many thanks to all of those people who made this resource available.

Predation Of Kea By Stoats And Possums - DOC

A kea research project on the West Coast has come up with graphic evidence of stoats and possums killing and eating New Zealand’s rare native parrot. The Department of Conservation (DOC) said that of the 11 kea nests installed with cameras, stoats killed chicks in two of them. They said the footage captured made for grim viewing.

Although DOC staff were aware possums raided the nests of smaller birds, the video footage captured is their first proof that the pests kill kea.
“The possum predation is surprising,” admitted Barrett, who described an instance in which a possum pulled a juvenile kea out to the entrance of its nest and ate it in front of the camera. The research has confirmed many conservationists’ worst fears.Forest & Bird said the evidence shows vigilance is needed with pest control, with up to 50% of nests on the West Coast lost.
YouTube video
Note: It is important to remember that stoats and possums are only doing what is natural. In their native habitats in which they evolved, both species are important contributors to their respective ecosystems. Unfortunately both stoats and possums were introduced into New Zealand by humans in the 1800’s for the purposes of controlling another introduced species, rabbits (in the case of stoats) or for what was considered a potentially lucrative fur trade (possums). As introduced predators and browsers, they cause enormous damage to our endemic species. Finding a humane and effective form of control is paramount if our endemics are to survive.

How intelligent are Kea?

YouTube video
YouTube video

Kea Virtual Field Trip - LEARNZ

Kea At Avalanche Peak

This video footage was taken at Homer Tunnel by Milford Alliance who noticed that their road cones were being moved by someone – or something! Turns out that kea were getting into directing traffic when they thought no one was looking!
YouTube video

Lead Testing Kea

Our Community Engagement Coordinator Laura is travelling around the South Island to test kea for lead poisoning. Find out how you can get involved in our Lead Free Kea Project (on our Projects page in the menu).

The Kea Movie



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