Claim your donation rebates with Supergenerous

Did you know that if you have donated to us in the past 4 years, you are eligible to get 33% back in donation rebates? Supergenerous is a small, Kiwi social enterprise helping get these rebates back to charities like us.

Their aim is to supercharge human generosity and tap into the estimated 1 billion dollars of unclaimed donation rebates sitting in a government bank account right now.

How it works

You sign up online with them, give them your details and the names of the charities you donated to - that's it.

They'll collect the receipts from charities, schools and religious organisations you donated to and manage the IRD side of things so you can sit back and relax.

They don't assume that you want to keep the money for yourself, they know you are already Supergenerous by donating in the first place. They give you the option to become a Supergiver by re-gifting the rebate right back to us. They handle that side of things too. The option is yours.

If they secure your rebate, they take small 10% fee that allows them to keep operating and reaching out to more generous individuals like yourself.

Still have questions? Visit their website www.supergenerous.co.nz



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