Kea Konvention 2017

Arthur's Pass - 29th -30th April

(Department of Conservation Visitors Centre - West Coast Rd, Arthur's Pass Village)

Thank you to all of those people who were involved in the first-ever NZ Kea Konvention held in Arthur's Pass on the 29th and 30th April! Almost 100 people attended this event and contributed either by facilitating panels and workshops, presenting on current research and knowledge, sharing experiences and enthusiasm and volunteering behind the scenes to make this weekend an epic success! Thank you in particular to the Konvention Team who worked tirelessly to get this event off the ground; Tamsin Orr-Walker, Andrea Goodman, Laura Young and Annika Werner and our sponsors FMC. Also to our wonderful presenters including our Keynote speaker Peter Hillary and to the Arthur's Pass DOC  team (headed by Chris Stewart), Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust and the wider Arthur's Pass Community who welcomed us all as we shared their little piece of paradise for the weekend!

And last but not least an enormous thanks to Shelley Hersey of Core Education who processed all the video footage and presentations after the Konvention was completed - these are all now available to view on our Kea Konvention - 2017 Outcomes page below.

Kea Konvention - 2017 Outcomes - please visit this page to view all videos, presentations, discussion outcomes and photos of the Kea Konvention weekend. 

About the Kea Konvention

The first-ever NZ Kea Konvention aims to bring people together from around NZ and beyond, to present current knowledge on kea status, threats and conservation measures and, to provide a forum for networking, sharing information, brainstorming conservation strategies and generating community action to save our most charismatic and endangered mountain parrot, the kea.

The 2017 Kea Konvention is being run by the Kea Conservation Trust in partnership with Federated Mountain Clubs (FMC) and with support from the Department of Conservation – Arthur’s Pass and the Arthur’s Pass Wildlife Trust (APWT).

Day 1:

Presentations by leading researchers and key stakeholders on latest kea research outcomes, threats and current mitigation measures, captive kea status and the importance of education/advocacy.  The day will provide opportunities to network and build lasting relationships to support kea conservation initiatives for the future.

Day 2:

AM: A choice of attending a workshop to support community kea volunteers looking after injured/sick kea or a field trip to see current kea projects in and around Arthur’s Pass Village.

PM: Brainstorming discussion sessions. Topics include key stakeholder roles, threat mitigation, conflict resolution, future-proofing and connecting through education and advocacy. The aim of the afternoon session is to generate real actions to drive community–led kea conservation initiatives.

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