Kea Summit - 2022

The Kea Conservation Trust’s third kea conference (Kea Summit), was hosted by NZSki at Coronet Peak base building in Tāhuna/Queenstown on Saturday 4th June - Sunday 5th June 2022. The Kea Summit aimed to bring people together from around NZ and beyond, to present current knowledge on kea status, threats and conservation measures and, to provide a forum for networking, sharing information, brainstorming conservation strategies and generating community action to save our most charismatic and endangered mountain parrot, the kea.

Just under 100 people attended the 2 day Summit to listen to 28 presentations on all things kea. The conference was opened by Mark Witehira (Runungu o Ngāi Tahu), Tamsin Orr-Walker (KCT) and Ash Murphy (DOC).

Speakers And Topics

The following speakers presented at the Summit;


Ngāi Tahu Rangatiratanga in Conservation
Mark Witehira | Ngāi Tahu

A new approach to kea management – an update on the Kea Recovery Strategy
Kerry Weston | Department of Conservation

Irruptive dynamics of invasive carnivores and prey populations, and predator control, affect kea survivorship across the Southern Alps
Josh Kemp | Department of Conservation

Hunter-Led Tahr Ballot Kea Sightings Project
Tim Gale | Game Animal Council

Leave a legacy – be a lifelong kea surveyor
Josh Kemp | Department of Conservation

The Kea Whisperer
Roy Sloan | Fiordland Wapiti Foundation (FWF)

11:20 am | Kea for Kids
Helen Hamblin | KCT

Kea Conservation Youth Ambassadors - our journey so far
Nikau and Piri Henderson | KCT

Framing the challenge: shaping human behaviour around kea
Joanne Aley | Department of Conservation

How we are navigating our kea - human conflict in 2022
Andrea Goodman and Renee Habluetzel | KCT

It’s time to talk about cats
Jessi Morgan and Andrea Goodman | Predator Free NZ Trust
An update on the Kea Conservation Trust lead removal project
Annika Werner | KCT

Raising the stakes- Intensive Kea nest protection and how it’s united our community
Emma McCool and Ricki Mitchell | Department of Conservation

Genomics for the conservation management of kea (Nestor notabilis)
Aimee Stubbs | University of Otago

Keeping Up with Kea – The on-going Evolution of Kea Care
Todd Jenkinson | Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA)

Southern Lakes Sanctuary
Paul Kavanagh | Southern Lakes Sanctuary


Causes of mortality in Kea
Stuart Hunter | Wildbase Hospital

That trap's not for you!
Brent Barrett | Boffa Miskell

Love hurts: ask any kea?
Al Bramley | Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP)

Using cameras to quantify kea through predator elimination
Maggie Nichols | Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP)

International challenges and Opportunities for Nature Conservation
Lou Sanson | IUCN Vice Chair World Commission on Protected Areas - Oceania

An update on DOCs Kea 1080 risk mitigation work
Laura Young | Department of Conservation

Update on KCT field projects, Fiordland and Matukituki
Lydia McLean | KCT

Camera traps as a tool for measuring kea populations: sensitivity and applications
Nick Foster | Te Manahuna Aoraki

Kea in the plantation forests of Nelson, NZ: Kea habitat use and feeding preferences in plantation forests of Nelson, New Zealand
Jodanne Aitken | Lincoln University/KCT

Insights into kea diet trends through stable isotope analysis
Lydia McLean | University of Canterbury

Understanding taste and odour: use in kea conservation
Ximena Nelson | University of Canterbury

Opportunities for Parrot Conservation in Oceania
Luis Ortiz | NZ Parrot Trust

SESSION 8 - Brainstorming Sessions / Panel
Session facilitated by Federated Mountain Club (FMC) - Jan Finlayson

Technology – what’s new on the block and where to find out
Al Bramley | Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP)

Tangata whenua - making meaningful connections for conservation
Mark Witehira| Ngāi Tahu

Transforming conflict
Andrea Goodman | KCT

Kea safe pest control - the challenges and getting the word out there
Brent Barrett | Boffa Miskel

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