Winter Education and Advocacy Tour

The KCT's South Island winter advocacy tour has been run annually since 2008. The 10-12 day tour provides the KCT team with an opportunity to connect directly with South Island communities. Every year we have a different theme with a presentation providing up-to-date information about threats to kea and efforts to protect them followed by relaxed discussions to find out directly from communities about local concerns and interests.

2017 Winter Advocacy Tour (24th July - 9th August) 

Our tour theme this year, The Power of Community, will look at how communities are getting together to save kea here and overseas and we will also look at international species examples for inspiration. We will be inviting someone from each of the communities we visit to tell their story of how they are helping their local kea and then will discuss ways in which others may get involved in local kea conservation initiatives.

The tour will include our 9 key areas (as identified in our Community - Kea Project plans) as well as two new areas - Milford Sounds and Hamner Springs (if enough interest by the communities is expressed). Dates, times and locations were as follows:

Community Talks:

  • Mon 24th July – Te Anau: DOC VC - 6.30pm. 
  • Tues 25th July – Wanaka: St Johns Room, 4 Link Way - 7pm.
  • Wed 26th July – Dunedin: OTMC Clubrooms, 3 Young St, St Kilda, South Dunedin - 7.30pm.
  • Thurs 27th July – Mt Cook: Unwin Lodge, 5355 Mount Cook Road - 7pm.
  • Sat 29th July – Arthur's Pass: DOC Visitors Centre, Main Hwy - 7.30pm.
  • Sun 30th July – Hanmer Springs: Hanmer Springs School, 6 Cheltenham St - 2pm.
  • Mon 31st July – Golden Bay: Golden Bay Community Centre - 7pm.
  • Tues 1st August – Westport: Sue Thomson Casey Memorial Library, 87-89 Palmerston St - 7pm.
  • Wed 2nd August – Nelson Lakes: St Arnaud Community Hall - 6.30pm.
  • Thurs 3rd August – Hokitika: RSA building, 22 Sewell Street, Hokitika (next to the library) - 7pm.
  • Wed 9th August – Queenstown: WSCA, 10 Memorial Street, upstairs down the alleyway - 6.30pm.

School Talks:

We are also running limited school talks in the last week of the tour. Thank you to the following schools for hosting us:

  • Westport School
  • Hokitika Primary School
  • Kidsfirst Franz Josef
  • Haast School

We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals who have put their hand up to help out during this years tour:

  • Department of Conservation Wakatipu and Motueka for the use of DOC vehicles/sponsoring of fuel
  • Helen Campbell - accommodation in St Arnaud
  • Suvi van Smit - accommodation in Westport
  • Carol and John Fraser - accommodation in Hanmer Springs
  • Chris and Debbie Stewart - accommodation in Arthur's Pass
  • Georgie Warren Orr-Walker and Matt McAteer - accommodation in ChCh
  • DOC Mt Cook - accommodation in Mt Cook
  • Jose Watson - accommodation in Hokitika

2016 Winter Advocacy Tour - funded by Dulux and supported by Department of Conservation

Monday 27th June - Thursday 7th July

The 2016 advocacy tour ran from 27 June – 7 July. The tour theme was “A Kea Revolution – transforming perceptions to save the world’s only mountain parrot.” This tour looked at the process of changing the negative attitudes towards kea (built up over the 100-year bounty), into the battle today to save the species from extinction. The presentation showcased how local communities around the South Island and supporters around the world are banding together to halt keas slippery slide into oblivion and then brainstorm ways each of us, whether children or adults, can get involved in this new kea revolution.

doc-dulux-protecting our place

This year’s theme followed on from the 2015 tour; “Building a future with kea” which aimed to initiate an MOU between communities and their local kea to i) facilitate long-term community kea conservation initiatives and ii) to change the way we think, act and live with kea in our communities. Although the MOU has not gone ahead in its proposed form, 2 years of funding was secured in December 2015 to develop individual local Community – Kea Project Plans around the South Island. This initiative is in line with our Strategic Plan – Objective 3 which states the following:

Increase positive perceptions of kea and reduce conflict:

  • 3.1 Run annual Advocacy Tour

Facilitate formation of community-led kea conservation initiatives:

  • 3.7 Develop a MOU (between South Island communities and kea)
  • 3.8 Develop/maintain volunteer database
  • 3.9 ID and support external kea conservation initiatives

Tour Route and Outcomes

The tour began in Mt Cook and ended in Queenstown. A total of 2,200 kms was covered during this time. Talks were delivered to the following communities on the following dates:

  • Mon 27th June – Mt Cook
  • Tues 28th June – Christchurch
  • Wed 29th June – Arthur’s Pass
  • Thurs 30th June – Nelson Lakes
  • Fri 1st July – Motueka
  • Sat 2nd July – Murchison
  • Sun 3rd July – Franz Josef
  • Mon 4th July – Haast (Hannahs Clearing)
  • Tues 5th July – Wanaka
  • Wed 6th July – Te Anau
  • Thurs 7th July – Queenstown
Kea Mountain Parrot

A total of 12 community talks (275 attendees) and 1 school talk (7 students at Mt Cook school) were run over the 11 day period. 4 community talks were delivered in conjunction with the Community – Kea Project Plan CEC for the upper half of the South Island, Andrea Goodman (Arthurs Pass, Nelson Lakes, Motueka and Murchison). Additionally, meetings were held with the Department of Conservation and other stakeholders as requested ((Arthurs Pass, St Arnaud DOC, Te Anau DOC).

An additional 78 people put their names down to join the Kea Revolution (Kea – Community Project Plan) email list.


Dulux again funded this year’s tour. In previous years costs have come in around $3,360 to over $8,000. This year the total cost of the tour was $3,065.

Costs were again reduced this year due to extensive in-kind support by each of the communities visited. Only 1 night paid accommodation was required (Mt Cook) and the tour vehicle and diesel were provided by the Department of Conservation Wakatipu.


A total of $292 in individual donations was also received during the tour.


As well as our hosts (previously listed) a big thanks must go to the following individuals/organisations for their support during the tour:

  • DOC Wakatipu – use of vehicle and diesel
  • Jillian Fulcher and Rob – accommodation (ChCh)
  • DOC Arthur’s Pass – accommodation (AP)
  • Helen Campbell – accommodation (St Arnaud)
  • Andrea Goodman – accommodation (Motueka)
  • Suvi van Smit and Buck – accommodation (Westport)
  • DOC Fox Glacier – accommodation (Fox)

2015 Advocacy Tour - funded by Dulux and supported by DOC

Monday 20 July - Friday 31 July

Hosted by:

  • Canterbury University Tramping Club (CUTC)
  • Department of Conservation (Motueka, St Arnaud, Hokitika, Franz Josef, Wanaka, Te Anau, Wakatipu)
  • Forest & Bird Wanaka
  • Wakatipu Senior Citizens Association
  • Old Mountaineers Cafe
  • Greymouth School
  • Ashburton School
  • Mt Cook School
  • Te Anau School
  • Natureland (Nelson) Zoo
winter advocacy tour image

Tour Summary

This year’s advocacy tour ran from 20 July – 3 August. The tour theme was “Building a future with kea”. The reason this theme was chosen was ostensibly to promote a new MOU between communities and kea which aims to i) facilitate long-term community kea conservation initiatives and ii) to change the way we think, act and live with kea in our communities. The desired outcome from the tour was to gain at least 3 signatories to the MOU to start this process which will lead to the development of individual local Community – Kea Project Plans (this initiative is in line with our Framework – Objective 3).

Tour Route and Outcomes

The tour began and ended in Queenstown. Talks were delivered to the following communities: Franz Josef – Hokitika – Greymouth - Nelson Lakes – Motueka – Nelson - Arthurs Pass – Christchurch – Mt Cook – Queenstown – Te Anau - Wanaka. A total of 2,729kms was covered during this time.

A total of 11 community talks (275 attendees) and 6 school talks (429 students) were run over the 10 day period. 5 kea education boxes were left behind at the following locations to enable ongoing delivery of kea conservation education opportunities - DOC St Arnaud, Natureland Zoo, with Andrea Goodman (Conflicts Coordinator) for use in the Motueka area, with Maree Goldring for use in the Springfield/Darfield/Christchurch area and at Mt Cook School. Additionally, meetings were held with the Department of Conservation and other stakeholders as requested (Franz Sky Dive, St Arnaud DOC, Arthurs Pass Wildlife Trust (APWT), Ashbec Trading and the Eastern Falcon Trust).

A list of 47 volunteers was generated during the tour.

School Talks

A number of school talks were also delivered during the tour. For the younger crowd the theme was " Naughty but Nice", and for older students, we looked at brainstorming ways on engaging younger people to get involved in kea conservation initiatives.

Schools and education venues included:

  • Wed 22 July - Greymouth High School
  • Fri 24 July - Natureland
  • Mon 27 July - Ashburton College
  • Tues 28 July - Mt Cook School
Naughty but Nice tour image


A total of $913.10 was also received in donations during the tour made up of the following:

  • Donation from Ngatimoti school - $44.00
  • Castlehill village art/donations - $202.40
  • CUTC donation - $200
  • Individual donations - $361.70


As well as our hosts (previously listed) a big thanks must go to the following individuals/organisations for their support during the tour:

  • DOC Wakatipu – use of vehicle and diesel
  • Jose Watson - accommodation
  • Andrea Goodman – accommodation
  • Georgina Warren Orr-Walker - accommodation
  • Terrace Motel – Franz Josef – accommodation

2014 funded by Dulux, Auckland Zoo and Department of Conservation

Monday 23 June - Thursday 3 July

This year’s theme was "Conflict – impacts and solutions". The reason this theme was chosen was because of increasing conflict events arising between residents in the Motueka area (Kaiteriteri – Tasman) and kea (2013-2014). We were informed that DOC had received threats that kea would be removed by residents if not translocated. As a result, a number of kea were translocated by DOC to Canaan Downs (September 2013) followed by removal of those which returned, to Nelson Lakes by the KCT (October 2013). The fate of these birds is currently unknown. Further conflict events in Tasman have ended with kea suddenly disappearing after the property owners were informed the kea would not be removed by DOC or ourselves. Concerns have been raised about their safety as well as the safety of any future kea considered a nuisance by locals.

winter tour 2014c

The tour's aim, therefore, was to i) increase awareness of global human-wildlife conflict (HWC) and more specifically the Motueka communities’ issues with kea and ii) brainstorm possible methods of resolution with other communities around the South Island. This information is to be collated after the tour and potential mitigation measures and research paths presented and discussed at a meeting with DOC Motueka, 28 July 2014. This is in line with our Strategic Plan – Objective 3 which states the following:

3.2 Proactively engage with communities to prevent conflict

3.2.1 Project: Develop a conflicts database

3.2.2 Project: Prepare an advice package for people with conflict issues

3.2.3 Project: Research methods of conflict resolution.

A total of 11 community talks (270 attendees) and 3 school talks (1,473 students and teachers) were run over a 10 day period. In addition, meetings were held with the Department of Conservation and other stakeholders as requested.

A big thank you to our sponsors (Dulux, DOC and Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund) and to all of our lovely hosts as follows:

  • Encounter Kaikoura
  • Forest & Bird (Kaikoura, Wanaka and North Canterbury)
  • Department of Conservation (Motueka, Nelson Lakes, Hokitika, Franz Josef, Dunedin, Wanaka, Fiordland)
  • Kiwi Birdlife Park
  • Southland Museum and Art Gallery

Thanks also to the following individuals/organisations for their support during the tour:

  • DOC Canterbury – use of vehicle and diesel
  • Alisa Howard - accommodation
  • Anne Letham-White – accommodation
  • Wairau Pass Homestay (Helen Campbell) - accommodation
  • Terrace Motel – Franz Josef – reduced accommodation
  • Paul van Klink - accommodation
  • Marjorie Orr - accommodation

2013 funded by the Lion Foundation and Unitec, NZ

2012 funded by FMC, NZ and Unitec, NZ

2011 funded by Hubbards Food Ltd, the Lion Foundation and Unitec NZ

2010 funded by Hubbards Food Ltd and Unitec NZ

The Kea Conservation Trust Advocacy Tour was initiated in 2008 and has been run annually for the past seven years. The Advocacy Tour was developed predominantly as a method to connect with communities throughout the South Island.

The talks not only provide an opportunity for us to share information with communities about the particular (and often peculiar) issues facing kea in their local area but also provide an opportunity to explore the role of communities and stakeholders (in collaboration with the KCT), in protecting kea.



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