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Funded by Department of Conservation Community Fund (DOC CF 2018-2020)

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This project starting April 2018, builds on our Community - Kea Project Plans and aims to take these to the next level by developing sustainable working groups around the South Island to increase the depth and breadth of kea conservation work currently being undertaken by communities. Funds raised by the previous community project will be utilised and the partnerships developed, to kick start locally owned conservation initiatives and support for kea.

This project will address 3 main areas; i) develop effective, respectful, working partnerships across the kea range; ii) identify and mitigate local threats to kea and iii) educate and advocate for kea at a local level. Project plans addressing each of these areas will be developed with 9 key communities (previously identified and relationships developed within) and project objectives identified and actioned. Four objectives fall out of these areas:


1. Facilitate development of 9 local kea working groups to develop and activate local threat mitigation (removal of lead, kea safe pest control, care of sick and injured kea, conflict transformation, local education/awareness).

2. Develop functional community partnerships (including local hapu, iwi ad rununga) across all 9 communities and their stakeholders.

3. Activate at least 1 local threat mitigation project per community per year.

4. Develop and activate a kea advocacy and education programme at a community level.

Our Team

Andrea Goodman - Andrea has been involved with the community engagement project since its inception in 2015 and has been involved in kea research since the 1990s and conflict transformation since 2014. Andrea will lead the following 3 communities: Motueka/Golden Bay, Nelson Lakes/Murchison and the Upper West Coast.

Tamsin Orr-Walker - Tamsin is one of the founders of the Kea Conservation Trust and has also been involved with the community engagement project since its inception. Tamsin will coordinate the project as a whole and will initially lead the following 3 communities: Wanaka/Mt Aspiring, Queenstown/Wakatipu and Te Anau/Fiordland.

Dr Laura Young - Laura has been involved in kea research since 2009 when she first volunteered with the KCT and completed her PhD on kea in 2012. Laura will lead the following 3 communities: Arthur's Pass/Canterbury, Lower West Coast and Aoraki/Mt Cook.

Community Projects and Partnerships

As with our 2015- 2017 Community Engagement Project, a number of community partnerships and projects are being developed to support kea populations at a local level. For more information on each of these, please click on the links below:

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